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Someone has crafted an article and prayer that I like. I believe it is Scriptural.
Restoring the Christian Soul by Leanne Payne pages 188-191
” Often time we as Christians are faced with situations where opposition arises from fronts we are completely unaware of. These attacks often come from within our most intimate circles. Close relatives, friends and associates suddenly turn on us and bring heart rending agony. The natural reaction is to strike back in like manner. Gossiping, slandering, character maligning all seem natural and deserved toward the offender. Defending our actions by explaining our motives and explaining the other person’s motive seems innocent. These solutions to our situation are not what God wants or is possible.” Restoring the Christian Soul by Leanne Payne pages 188-191
“What do I do, must I suffer in Silence? ” vky
We should
–“1. Pray That the Eyes Of All Who Surround These Person Be Opened to See the Situation as it Really is.”
–“2. Pray That Their Associates Will Be Given Ways to Speak Truth and Light into the Situation.”
–“3. Pray That Any Demonic Power Within These Persons or Within These Situations Manifest Itself– That it May Be Clearly discerned and Seen by All the People.”
–“4. Ask that what can be salvaged (in this situation and in the lives of your enemies) be saved, humbled, blessed by the Spirit of God.”
” Pray for the health, the wholeness, of your enemies. Pray for the salvaging of all that is good, beautiful, and true within them. I (the Lord) do a great work, one that will amaze you. Be at rest now from all that besets, offends, attacks–love, write, pray, live in peace in My Presence. Enter the timelessness of My joy and peace. ” Restoring the Christian Soul by Leanne Payne pages 188-191
hope this helps



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