i LOVE TO READ BIOGRAPHIES ABOUT MEN OF GOD WHO WERE KNOWN FOR their  great accomplishments.  One of them was George Mueller,
George Muller (1805–1898), a Christian evangelist and Director of an orphanage in England who cared for 10,024 orphans during his lifetime. Description from pinterest.com. I searched for this on bing.com/images

as the picture says He ran an orphanage daily by faith without outright asking for money.  The way God did it is he provided For George and the orphans on a daily basis much like God cared for the Israelites by giving them Manna and quail daily.

The orphans under the leadership of George Mueller  never knew from day to day how their needs were to be met.   When God supplies a need, he can give the food directly, or give the money so you can buy the food.  The Sometimes it was just enough

This my testimony of how God worked in my life and my interpretation of what was happening behind the scenes.  It is an example of how God works.  Like many of God’s miracles they cannot be reproduced.

You might say that George Mueller was a special person whom God gave the gift of faith to help him feed the orphans.  I don’t think so.  because I have a similar testiomony in some ways.
I would like to share with you three periods of time in my life when God did a similar thing in my life.   The first two periods involved how God provided for my basic needs food, clothing and shelter.  The first period was in 1968-1972 while I was going to school on the mainland.  the second period was in 1973–77.

The third period was about how God provided transportation for me to go to and from work over 12 years. 1995-2007.
I had a need and in my case God provided form my need changed month to month.

All three periods were four, four and 12 years.  my basic needs were provided on either a month, three month, six months.   I never knew or thought about what  I would do if the need    was not met.  I like Elijah just received the provision until it dried up and then went to the next way or person that God provided.   God used a raven to provide the meat and river to provide the water.  I am sure that the meat the raven provided was at timesAt that time I did not realize that this was happening.  This is my conclusion in hind-site.  It happened so fast.  One


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